Businesses to be fined $25k if found hosting unvaccinated individuals in their ‘safe zone’

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Businesses to be fined $25k if found hosting unvaccinated individuals in their ‘safe zone’

If your business allows an unvaccinated person to patronize or operate at your establishment under the ‘safe zone’ format, you can face a fine of $25,000.

This was revealed Saturday by Attorney General Faris Al-Rawi, during the Covid-19 press conference.

The AG also stated that if you are unvaccinated and get caught in the “safe zone”, you will be ticketed and face a fine of $5,000.

This will form part of the new public health regulations as government opens Safe Zones to vaccinated members of the population from October 11.

AL-Rawi said the police and public health officers will be on patrol at the designated safe zones, which will include cinemas, casinos, gyms, restaurants, bars and water parks.

He added that an unvaccinated employee would be allowed to work under the following circumstances – that they obtain a medical exemption or a medical deferral certificate from a medical officer in the public service, which would certify that the person cannot be vaccinated, or is unable to be vaccinated for a specific period, because of pregnancy, breast feeding, being immune-compromised, or recently infected.
The unvaccinated employee will be expected to produce a PCR test every two weeks to continue to work in the establishment.

Any person of business that produced a fake vaccination document would be facing a fine greater than $5,000, or $25,000.

The AG also confirmed that no one under the age of 12 will be allowed in the safe zone, and vaccinated people will be expected to show proof of vaccination along with a form of identification.