Buccoo Reef ferry under construction in Australia

Buccoo Reef ferry under construction in Australia

Office of the Prime Minister revealed today that the Buccoo Reef is currently under construction in Australia.

The 100 meter Wave Piercing Catamaran will later service the inter-island route, between Trinidad and Tobago.

The Buccoo Reef, the second of the two Catamarans is being built for the Tobago Seabridge.
According to a statement from the People’s National Movement Facebook page, this vessel is being constructed by Australian shipbuilders Incat; the company which builds the world’s largest catamarans.
The Buccoo Reef is 100m long and each engine can fill-up an Olympic swimming pool in 1 second. (There are 4 engines on board.)
Work on the vessel is expected to be completed later this year.