British Royal Family to Hire Someone to Spearhead Diversity


British Royal Family to Hire Someone to Spearhead Diversity

According to royal sources, Buckingham Palace is considering appointing officials to lead the diversity effort. This move took place after Buckingham Palace undertook a review of the policies and programs currently in place and found that no sufficient progress had been made.

A source told CBS News that the official status of a “diversity officer” in the royal family is “must be considered” but “it is too early to announce a solid plan.”

“We are listening and learning to get this right,” added a source who called diversity “a problem that is taken very seriously throughout the royal family.”

“We are implementing policies, procedures and programs, but we are not seeing the progress we are looking for and we are accepting that we need to do more. We can always improve. ”

The ongoing work to tackle diversity is “ongoing for some time, with full family support,” sources said.

It is understood that those efforts have been around for a long time Interview with Prince Harry and Megan Oprah Winfrey Early this month. The couple spoke long about what they said they had experienced within the Royal Institute and in the hands of the British press, which led to their decision to resign as a working royal family last year.

The Duke of Sussex and the Duchess had harsh words about their treatment by the British tabloid media., But the most disturbing allegations were abuse and negligence by members of the royal family. Megan and Harry said members of the royal family had spoken to the prince about “concerns” about how dark his son’s skin would be.The family name was not revealed, but Winfrey later Said she wasn’t Queen Elizabeth or her husband Prince Phillip..

In a statement published a few days after Buckingham Palace’s interview with Opla, the Queen said she was “sad” when asked “how difficult it has been for Harry and Megan in the last few years.”

“There are concerns about the issues raised, especially racial issues,” said the monarch. “Some memories may differ, but they are taken very seriously and treated personally by the family.”

The British royal family is considering appointing a “responsible for diversity”: “We are listening and learning to get this right.”