Brazilian Pastor Sells $1,000 Miracle COVID-19 Cure

Brazilian Pastor Sells $1,000 Miracle COVID-19 Cure

Pastor Valdemiro Santiago, who commands the World Church of the Power of God in the Republic of Brazil, recorded a video in which he sells for R$ 1,000 seeds with the promise to cure Covid-19, disease caused by the new coronavirus.

Valdemiro says that the faithful will invest in “the purpose of the seed to be your blessing”. In the video, the pastor presents an alleged medical report of a cured patient from Covid-19 after planting the grain.

It is not disclosed which specific plant the seed is from, but the leader of the World Church says the purpose slogan will be stamped on the plant when it blooms.

Valdemiro talks about the potential of the seed: “people who are cured of a terminal state, very serious. And there is the exam, for those who want it. (…) You see how the seed is sowing. And then, yes, he managed to overcome the crisis and the epidemic. There is only one way to overcome these difficult phases. It is sowing, and sowing in the work of God. This seed is interesting, you plant … It is the seed ‘be you a blessing’. You will sow this seed and in the plant that being born will say ‘Be you a blessing’. “

 The World Health Organization (WHO) states that there is still no vaccine, cure or medication that protects or can be used in the treatment of Covid-19.