Brazilian football legend Pele in hospital again

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Brazilian football legend Pele in hospital again

Brazil legend Pele is in hospital for treatment for a colon tumour.

The three-time World Cup winner had surgery to remove a colon tumour in September, with the hospital saying at the time that he would also need to have chemotherapy.

According to the BBC, Sao Paulo’s Hospital Albert Einstein said the 81-year-old was in a stable condition and would be discharged in the next few days.

The hospital also said Pele was now “continuing” his treatment.

Pele had treatment at the hospital ealrier this year after the tumour was detected in routine tests.

He was warded there for several weeks until he was eventually discharged and told fans that he was feeling fine.

His health has been a concern in recent years.

He had prostate surgery in 2015 after he was admitted to hospital for the second time in six months, and he was admitted again for a urinary infection in 2019.