Brace yourself for increased DUI and Road Exercises

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Brace yourself for increased DUI and Road Exercises

The Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) is advising motorists that there will be an increase in road policing activities across the nation in the coming days.

Commissioner of Police, Gary Griffith, has instructed all Divisional Traffic and Highway Patrol Units to conduct DUI and speed enforcement exercises, as the TTPS aims to prevent any loss of life or injury due to unsafe and irresponsible road usage.

Commissioner Griffith has also instructed officers to continue enforcing the illegal use of fireworks and breaches of the COVID-19 Public Health Regulations to ensure public safety over the New Year’s period.

Meanwhile, Police Road Safety Project Coordinator, Sgt Brent Batson, is appealing to drivers to ensure they celebrate the New Year in a safe and responsible manner, by adhering to road traffic regulations.

He said, “We will be out there doing what we can to help save lives and keep families together, but drivers and passengers need to do their part by wearing their seatbelts and face masks, obeying speed limits and keeping alert.”

Sgt Batson said Assistant Commissioner of Police, ‘Specialised Support’, Joanne Archie, and Senior Superintendent, Traffic and Highway Patrol Branch, Wayne Mystar, have instructed all Highway Patrols to deploy their breathalyzer equipment and be ready to charge drunk drivers.

He warns motorists, “Please designate a driver if you are going to consume alcohol or you may be spending your New Year’s Day in a police holding cell instead of with your family. It’s your choice.”