Boom Champions Dj on viral video: “I never once was aggressive”

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Boom Champions Dj on viral video: “I never once was aggressive”

Boom Champions 94fm Disk Jockey, Tech Sounds says he’s considering legal action against persons who are trying to tarnish his name over an alleged domestic dispute with his ex-girlfriend.

Darryl Mark aka Dj Tech Sounds spoke with IzzSo Media Ltd. this afternoon about the media’s responsibility around cases of domestics violence, both with victims and alleged perpetrators.

Mark said he was not aggressive, he did not physically abuse anyone nor did he have a weapon in his hand during a disagreement with his then girlfriend.

He said during the argument she asked that he leave her alone, Mark said he did just that after trying several times to speak with her.

Mark said while he did not know that someone was recording him, he did not physically abuse his then girlfriend.

Tech Sounds also made a plea for the media to be responsible with the way in which a story is written; this as he said allegations of any form of abuse can ruin the lives of many persons involved in a disagreement.

He said while a video of him went viral, he was portrayed by the media as a villain.