Boodram: Inside the pipe was a nightmare!

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Boodram: Inside the pipe was a nightmare!

As sitting of the Commission of Enquiry into Paria Diving Tragedy at Paria Fuel Trading Company Limited continued this morning lone survivor of the February 25th incident Christopher Boodram recounted the horrific events that led to the deaths of three of his co-workers.

During testimony he said the first person he heard calling him was Kazim(Ali).

He stated that it took him a little while to come to his senses.

He said that they were all calling out to each other to ensure that everyone was ok.

Boodram disclosed that after he got sucked into the pipe he assumed that he had done so head first however he soon realised that this was not so.

He said during conversation he realised that Yusef’s foot was broken.

Boodram realised that he needed to reach for the help of a higher power to help, insisting that despite the concerns of his partners, he was determined that they would all survive the ordeal.

Through tears he recounted the nightmare that they went through while inside the pipe.

Overcome with emotion, he then asked for a moment to step outside and compose himself.