Body of man found on yacht, woman died at beach

Body of man found on yacht, woman died at beach

Two persons did not celebrate Christmas with their loved ones today.

In the first incident, Melissa Ramroop, 51, went swimming with her partner in Los Iros beach around 9:30a.m on Tuesday. Reports indicate that Ramroop was swimming in high-waisted water, before she walked to the water’s edge. She laid down for a minute and then rolled over on her stomach. When her partner checked on her, he realised she was dead.

In the second incident, the body of a 73-year-old man was found on his yacht which was anchored at Carenage.

Reports indicate that the man went to his yacht a few days ago and had not been seen since. When persons went to look for him, they found his corpse instead.

Police are continuing investigation into both incidents.

Autopsies will be done to confirm the cause of deaths.