Blasting loud music in your car is now a punishable offense in Florida

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Blasting loud music in your car is now a punishable offense in Florida

If cranking down the windows and blasting your favorite artiste in the car is your favorite summertime activity, you might want to pick up a new hobby because the cops are cracking down on some new loud music laws.

Starting July 1, the new law will enforce new rules restricting the music volume in motor vehicles in Florida. You could get fined up to $114 and, or a ticket if the audio from the vehicle is heard from 25 feet away.

The Bartow Police Department is also warning folks about the restrictions. “Here is your warning!” Though the department says this is an opportunity to educate the public, they plan on enforcing the rules ultimately.

“We would rather not write the citation. However, we can write a non-moving violation in the state of Florida, which is [a] $114 citation.”

The new law doesn’t only open the can to further problems. Still, it also could cause old issues like profiling and doing unwarranted searches on vehicles putting drivers and passengers in jeopardy.

Captain Stevens says, “Just like any other Florida state statute, it just gives another opportunity for an officer to attempt to or see if they can identify any other identifiers that would allow them to continue on with any criminal investigation.”