Biden Team Sees No Contact ‘Anytime Soon’ With Venezuela’s Maduro

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Biden Team Sees No Contact ‘Anytime Soon’ With Venezuela’s Maduro

The Joe Biden government commented that it does not foresee direct contacts with the Venezuelan president Nicholas Mature, who has asked for an improved relationships after stress with Donald Trump’s White House.

“We certainly do not expect any contact with Maduro anytime soon,” said State Department spokesman Ned Price, calling him a “dictator.”

Price said that Biden and the vice-president Kamala Harris will continue with the policy of Trump to recognize the leader opponent Juan Guaidó as interim president of Venezuela, in his capacity as leader of the democratically elected National Assembly in 2015.

“The primary objective of the Biden-Harris government is to support a peaceful and democratic transition in Venezuela through free and fair presidential and parliamentary elections and to help the Venezuelan people rebuild their lives and their country,” said the State Department official.

“Maduro is a dictator. His repression, corruption and mismanagement have generated one of the most dire humanitarian crises this hemisphere has seen,” he added.

Once an oil power, Venezuela is experiencing a debacle economic sharpened since the coming to power of Mature in 2013, a situation that according to the UN has led to the departure of more than 5.4 million people from the country.

Two years after breaking diplomatic relations with the United States, Maduro declared days back willing to establish “a new path” with the new Biden government, “on the basis of mutual respect, dialogue, communication and understanding.”

Venezuela “is ready to turn the page now build new roads of respect, dialogue and diplomatic communication with the new United States government, “he said.