Bharath sees lack of transparency in UNC internal election process

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Bharath sees lack of transparency in UNC internal election process

Vasant Bharath, who is seeking to be leader of the United National Congress, is reiterating his calls for a transparent internal elections of the party.

The UNC is set to host internal polls on December 6th.

Speaking during a press conference on Sunday, Bharath again called for the appointment of a neutral elections committee, independent observers, the early disclosure of the membership list for transparency and to find out who currently holds the position of party General Secretary.

Bharath said he decided to put the matters in the public domain as it seems the UNC “do not intend to answer” his letters.

He said “Unfair elections serve no one except dictators, and those who are addicted to a position despite not achieving any tangible results while holding that position.”

He said there seemed to be a misconception by Persad-Bissessar as he said the internal election is not about the leadership but about the party’s ordinary members.

He said as a contender in this election, he felt it was his duty to preserve a fair process.

Bharath said he has been told by members that although they will vote for him, they do not believe he will win, as Persad-Bissessar has ‘control’ of the party’s list of members.

He accused Persad-Bissessar of trying to suppress change within the UNC.