Bharath pleads with UNC membership to make a conscious decision, following latest Kamla “embarassment”

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Bharath pleads with UNC membership to make a conscious decision, following latest Kamla “embarassment”

Kamla Persad-Bissessar keeps reinforcing the view that there is need for change at the top of the United National Congress.

That’s the latest from former minister and contender for the leadership of the party, Vasant Bharath, after Persad-Bissessar was bashed by the Prime Minister for comments she made at a UNC virtual meeting.

Persad-Bissessar was slammed by Dr Rowley for claiming that his government had fooled the OWTU and he accused her of undermining the people of TT.

Bharath said the entire matter embarrassed him and the party.

During a virtual campaign meeting on Wednesday, Bharath said “Today I witnessed another bashing by the prime minister. It was embarrassing.”
“I offer my services and whatever else I have to offer…my experience, my expertise in the field of finance, in the field of economics, in the field of energy, to assist the party regardless of the fact that we have an internal election on December 6. We all owe it to ourselves to ensure that we save ourselves the kind of embarrassment we witnessed today.”

He said the membership must make a conscious decision as to, “Whether the leadership, which has failed us on 11 previous occasions can take us into victory on the 12th attempt.

“We must decide, members of this great party, whether we want to be in government in the next five years or less or whether we want to stay in opposition for the next 15.”

“We are in politics to win. When we win we get into government. None of us are in politics to stay in opposition.” He said if the party does not face the realities of why it continues to fail, then “We would always be hoping to win rather than planning to win.”

The UNC’s internal elections will be held on December 6.