Bezos sell 1.8 B in Amazon shares

Amazon founder  Jeff Bezos has sold shares worth $1.8 billion in the last three days of July, reducing the value of his stake in Amazon ,the world’s third most valuable company to about $110 billion.

This move by Bezos was part of a previously adopted trading plan and was revealed in regulatory filings that also showed that his former wife Mackenzie Bezos is now the online retailer’s second largest individual shareholder in the Company after the couples much publicized divorce and her stake stemming from the divorce settlement of the pair’s previous joint holdings, is currently worth more than $37 billion.


This move means that Bezos retains his  position among the world’s billionaires, while his former wife now ranks 23rd, according to data coming from Forbes.

The billionaire chief executive has said previously that he would sell stock worth about $1 billion each year to fund his rocket company, Blue Origin.