Beyonce and Adidas end business relationship

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Beyonce and Adidas end business relationship

Beyonce and adidas have announced that they will be ending their collaborative partnership in relation to the singer’s Ivy Park activewear line.

According to The Hollywood Reporter, a source close to the situation confirmed that Beyoncé and adidas are going their separate ways. However, the creative partnership between the Grammy-Award winning multi-hyphenate and the German sportswear brand is said to have been a mutual decision.

There were allegedly “major creative differences” between Beyoncé and adidas, but she’s apparently hoping to reclaim her brand, follow her own path, and preserve her creative independence.

Beyoncé unveiled Ivy Park in 2016 as a joint venture with Topshop. As a result of their deal ending in 2018, she gained full ownership of the brand.

The “Break My Soul” hitmaker then partnered with adidas to relaunch her Ivy Park activewear line and developed new footwear and apparel. This past January, Beyoncé previewed Park Trail, her latest (and what will be presumably her last) adidas x Ivy Park collaboration.

In other Beyoncé news, the singer was the topic of discussion during a recent episode of Drink Champs. Host, N.O.R.E. was accused of baiting The Isley Brothers into bad-mouthing Bey during their appearance on the show.

The legendary group stopped by the podcast for a two-hour conversation that aired last week. At one point, N.O.R.E. brought up Beyoncé’s loyal fan base and claimed that people can’t say anything bad about her due to backlash they’d receive.

“You see what Stephanie Mills is going through right now?” he began. “She said something about the Beyhive — they ain’t like it. You cannot say nothing about the Bey. Leave it alone. It’s a well-known fact. You cannot say nothing about Beyoncé. Everybody knows it.

“It’s like the mafia — we don’t discuss it. We just follow the rules. But Stephanie Mills held it down. She went to The Breakfast Club, she held it down, she didn’t back down. She just said she thought that Diana Ross was on a different level than Beyoncé.”

The Isley Brothers remained tight-lipped while N.O.R.E. spoke about Beyoncé, who they worked with last year on “Make Me Say It Again, Girl,” a remake of their 1975 song and the title track from their latest album.

Earlier in the interview, Ronald Isley explained how “Make Me Say It Again, Girl” came about and revealed Beyoncé’s mother cried when she heard it.

“I called her mother and said, ‘We’re getting ready to do this album, I wanted her to do the record with us,’” he recalled. “Her mother called her and in five minutes, she called back: ‘Yes, yes yes, I wanna do [it]!’ She had recorded this record with her group before but it was a different recording.

“I mean, she’s so talented. I think the people know that. But she works so hard, man. We’re just blown away with the record. Her mother cried about it. Her favorite song is ‘For the Love of You.’”