CEO fired 900 employees on a Zoom call

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About 900 employees of real estate company were asked to attend a Zoom call on Wednesday. But rather than offering a holiday message to workers, CEO Vishal Garg delivered a 3-minute speech informing attendees they were “terminated effectively immediately.”

Videos of the Zoom call have been posted on social media networks and YouTube, with a source familiar with the company verifying the authenticity of the recordings.

In the video, Garg sits at a white table, wearing a business-casual outfit of slacks, a shirt and a blue vest, and tells the workers what that the challenging decision” is his — and that it’s the second time he’s had to lay off workers.

The Zoom call sparked outrage on social media, with professionals on LinkedIn decrying Garg’s delivery as being “crass” and criticizing the announcement and its timing, coming just weeks before the holidays.