Beetham fire victims lose everything

Beetham fire victims lose everything

Beetham gardens phase four fire victims were still in shock on Saturday morning after a fire destroyed nine homes on Friday morning. Residents reported hearing a loud explosion at around 11:30 am.

Twenty people, including 10 children, are homeless after a fire destroyed nine houses at 25th Street, Phase Four, Beetham Gardens. The house were in very close proximity to each other making it very easy for the fire to spread quickly. Fortunately there were no reports of injury.

The residents combed through the burnt remains Saturday morning of what was once their homes to see if anything could be recovered.

Izzso media spoke to one of the residents who identified himself as ‘Williams’ a father of two who said he lost everything, including his childrens school supplies.

He said that he estimates his losses at over seventy thousand dollars. He said although it’s hard to loose everything, he will start over because he has to provide for his two children.

Two of the homeowners were single mothers who were two distraught to speak to us and are the sole breadwinners for their children. They are hoping that the government can provide assistance to help them rebuild and get back on their feet.

Fire officers received a report of the fire at around 11.30 am. Fire officers of the Wrightson Road and Belmont fire stations, together with members of the Inter Agency Task Force and TTEC technicians, went to the scene and extinguished the fire.