Bernie Mac Show’ Actor Working Retail & Construction After Show’s End

Bernie Mac Show’ Actor Working Retail & Construction After Show’s End

The Bernie Mac show was a landmark in television and black comedy. Mac became a major star in the ’90s for his brash comedy and off colour sense of humor.

After a stand-up about his blended family became incredibly popular, the decision was made to turn it into a series. The Bernie Mac showed air from November 14, 2001 to April 14, 2006, and featured Bernie Mac and his wife Wanda raising his sister’s three kids: Jordan, Vanessa, and Bryana.

Despite the show’s success, it never materialized into much for the child actors that starred on it, with stories coming out about them over the years and the way their lives shaped out following their time on the series, with a most recent revelation from Jeremy Suarez who played Jordan.


Actress Camille Winbush played Vanessa on the show, the oldest of the kids. She managed to maintain somewhat of a following over the years. Back in February the actress announced to her social media followers on Instagram that she would be sharing new content on popular platform OnlyFans, which has been utilized by the vast majority for explicit content.

Winbush however insisted that she’d be giving her subscribers something different.  “Yes, you heard that right. I have joined OF! But I’m doing it my way,” she wrote as she began to explain her decision to her followers. “I’ll be saying the things I really want to say, singin’ & dancing, and sharing exclusive content.”

She continued “But don’t think it’s just for the men. I’m finally dropping the skincare routine, I’ll be doing regular live sessions with Q&A’s, special guests, and most importantly- I’ll be able to talk to and connect with you one on one. I want to hear from you so come thru! -CandidlyCam.”  Winbush then made a point to clarify that just because she is joining the platform, it won’t be risqué content.  “My way = minimal nudity. So if that’s what you’re expecting sorry not sorry to disappoint,” she reassured.

Her on-screen brother Jeremy Suarez has had a different experience since the show wrapped. The young actor found it hard getting work following Bernie Mac. In an interview with Comedy X Hype, he talks about how child labor laws in Hollywood made him a less appealing actor at a time where he appeared high school age.

Instead of working within the restrictions required to hire a child, including tighter schedules and having to hire a teacher, studios opted for actors over 18 that they could have more flexibility with. “It was a little bit rough because I was in this age bracket where I was…I looked like lower to middle-high school age,” he said. “But at that age, they would much rather hire somebody who’s like 19 to play that age because they don’t have child actor laws.”

He eventually took a step back from acting to experience life and found a career in construction. “I had never had a normal job and I wanted to go and kind of push myself. You don’t if you tough until you test if you tough. So I went and I was working construction.”