Beaches, Churches and Casinos reopen; Restaurants and Bars to wait a further 2 weeks

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Beaches, Churches and Casinos reopen; Restaurants and Bars to wait a further 2 weeks

Bar owners have been the most vocal throughout the shutdown and today the expectation was that they would be reopened.

However, that was not the case as Prime Minister Dr Keith Rowley announced that restaurants and bars will have to wait two more weeks before any announcement will be made on their behalf.

Among the new guidelines he made today were that:
Places of worship are now open.
He said like what happened in August when there was an ease in restrictions, places of worship will have one hour-long services with 50 per cent capacity. Social distancing rules must apply.

He said that the Public Service will return to 100% service come Monday, October 26th.

Gyms can reopen, but must operate at 50% capacity with an appointment system advised and strict sanitization protocols.

Adult education i.e tertiary education subjects where online learning is not sufficient e.g flight training and med labs, they will be granted an exemption.

Casinos, cinemas, theatres, and members clubs will return to 50% capacity. But there will be no in house dining. Opening hours will be 8am to 10pm.

He said bars and restaurants are to remain closed for another two weeks.
The PM said “Alcohol makes sensible people act less sensible.”

Beaches and coastal waters are reopened to the delight of many. However, the PM warned against persons rushing to the beaches tomorrow. He said “If you do that you will create the exact environment we are trying to avoid.”

Hotels and guesthouses can use their pool.

And lastly, he noted that the border will remain closed.
However, he said a committee has been appointed, inclusive of the National Security Minister and the Attorney General, to look at removing the exemption system and allow people to return to TnT.
He said he is satisfied that we can now tag and monitor people who return and home quarantine using technology.