Bass aka Trilo G’s new Tik ToK craze taking over IG

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Bass aka Trilo G’s new Tik ToK craze taking over IG

Have you heard of a tik tok Miami challenge?

Well that’s the latest challenge created by artiste/personality Bass aka Trilo G formerly Third Bass.

Bass told Izzso Media that while exploring the social media app looking for different ways to market his music he was surprised to see so many mature women doing videos.

So he came up with the song and coin phrase #Tiktokmami and then started the #tiktokmamichallenge where women over the age of 40 could express themselves while the song plays in the background.

It took off immediately and Bass started to get videos and request from women in their 30s.

He said “in just about 2 weeks I gathered several hundred videos …. women pose … work out …. dance … sing … it’s really about self-confidence. And the great thing is it’s not only women from T&T you can see videos of women from the UK…USA…PHILIPPINES…JAPAN….GERMANY & all over the world.

The song was also written, produced, mixed & Mastered by Bass at his home studio and went straight to tik tok, it’s on YouTube with views increasing daily and it’s also available on all social media platforms @foxfuse music distribution.

He’s invited those who are not on tik tok to check out videos posted on hiss I.G page @basstnt3000

And for those who are to follow him @Basstnttiktok use the sound Tiktokmami and join the #tiktokmamichallenge for women who don’t look their age.