“BARS” should be the title of your memoirs” Bar Owners Assoc clap-back at Health Minister

“BARS” should be the title of your memoirs” Bar Owners Assoc clap-back at Health Minister


This is how the Bar Owners Association starts their answer-back to reports of news COVID-19 cases stemming from Bars.

They continue by saying “your choice words never cease to surprise us.
“BARS” should be the title of your memoirs. The numbers don’t lie my esteemed Minister of Health. You are versed in those numbers yourself I would hope, especially since you use your own formulae so confidently during your national addresses to the population at large.”

In a release posted to their Facebook page, The Bar Owners Association says “if you wish to continue your “Blame the Bars” game, we will continue to defend ourselves. While we work tirelessly as an association and in our personal capacity to thwart irresponsible behavior within our sector.
However I will continue to elaborate that the numbers don’t lie TERRY. Bars have been at the butt of your comments as the places responsible for, caused by, as a result of “and so on”. Are you saying bars have the only hands dealt in community spread?”

“Mind your words TERRY, the numbers will speak for themselves. This comment will reach your eyes sooner or later and I look forward to your very colourful response at your next sitcom appearance of a national address entitled “Blame the Bars”.

Our patrons are confident in us, our members are confident in us. If it weren’t for our most revered Chief Medical Officer whom you’ve leached to strengthen your appearance… what confidence would the nation really have in you TERRY?”

However, Dr Keith Rowley said that bars and restaurants are still a threat to the health and safety of the public.

Dr. Rowley, speaking at a special COVID-19 health briefing this afternoon, said bars were identified as one of the areas where the transmission of the coronavirus was most likely to happen.

Meanwhile Dr. Avery Hinds gave insight on key findings from contact tracing:

Household setting has higher risk of transmission of COVID-19.

However Dr.  Hinds said at least 2 or 3 bars implicated in spread of the virus, so far.


Dr. Avery Hinds on some key findings from contact tracing:Household setting has higher risk of transmission of…

Posted by CCN TV6: Trinidad and Tobago on Wednesday, August 5, 2020