Time rollback: Bars now closed by 8:00pm

Time rollback: Bars now closed by 8:00pm

“If you are in a bar after 8:00p.m from tonight you will be charged.”

Minister of National Security made the announcement at a Ministry of Health press conference on Monday morning.

He said based on observations over the weekend at the bars, the Ministry met with the Minister of Health and other officials to rollback the opening of bars to 8:00p.m.

He said the Public Health Regulations will be changed to allow the bars to open at 8:00am but close at 8:00p.m.

He is reminding bar operators that only 25 persons can be in the bars at any time, and no gathering or congregating is allowed outside the premises.

He said the police service will be used to ensure persons abide by the new regulations, adding that police have the right to close non-compliant bars.

He said this is only the first step in dealing with the large gatherings observed over the weekend.

He also warned restaurants that if they have a bar license, and are not complying with the health regulations, they too will also have their times restricted.

Public parties, public fetes, and public fetes in private places are also prohibited.

He reminded the country that persons who breach these regulations will be liable to pay $50,000 or spend six months in jail.