BARBERSHOP TALK: Reasons Why ‘Trini’ Men Don’t Call or Text Yuh Back

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BARBERSHOP TALK: Reasons Why ‘Trini’ Men Don’t Call or Text Yuh Back

So you meet a man who you think you hit it off with. You have a great night and then exchange numbers. He then promises to call. He might even ask if he can take you out on a date or ‘lime’ later. You happily say yes… and then he doesn’t call you back or even return your calls.

You thought you had a real connection with the man…and it’s frustrating, confusing and incredibly tiring. Why he eh call me back? What are the reasons?

The izzSo team, had candid conversations with various ‘trini’ men on the matter and allowed them to share their thoughts from their point of view, here’s what they had to say:

Disclaimer, the views shared in this articles are the views of all men of our society. 

Javed 31 – “We start having sex too quickly; the mystery is gone: If ah man meet you on Friday and hit dat on Monday…then you’re classified as a jump-off, and jump-offs require the bare minimum of conversations, honestly speaking. As a matter of fact, we probably have yuh saved in we phones as ‘Jump-off from Friday’ too.”

Mohammed  34 – “D real scenes is…We probably talking to someone more interesting nah – And by more interesting, ah mean “New Pu*$y.” New p*ssy takes precedence over all old pu*$y phone calls, dm’s and texts. Play your position, doh mark no man!”

Johnathan 40 – “We sometimes trying to conduct business – How ah going to able to do all the nice things for you, if I am on the phone with you all evening instead of working? Men are business-driven; we have to have time to work. If we spend all night talking-talking to you and no time brainstorming, then we’ll make no money, and you go leave we a#$.”

Carlton 25 – “We just watching porn or football, Basketball, or catching up on ESPN. If yuh lucky, I’ll call you back after Ronaldo score ah goal.”

Richard 30 – “Well fuh me, if you’re a Clinger, I cyah handle dat! If we just met and you are talking about wanting to make child, matching clothes and giving you access to my phone, then you’ll last about 3 phone calls and at the max 15 texts, ah telling yuh. Never accept clingers as a friend on Facebook and all dem other apps; they’ll be all up in your comments, yuh friends comments, fishing for files. “

Raj 34 – “Ahmmm, we aint yuh girls an dem, we ain’t Sabrina. We don’t want to listen to you recap what happened on yuh VH1 reality shows, or your real housewives’ shows. Honestly, 5 minutes into the conversation, we already know how the next 2 hours will go if we allow it, so we hit you with “Ah go call you RIGHT back…” But we won’t.”

Eric 44- “Sometimes important tings does come up nah – We have to change a flat tire, do something for moms, go pick up some tings in town or buying food to eat. Men just have very sporadic lives; please doh judge we for being spontaneously unavailable at times nah.”

Marlon 31 – “7 out of 10 women you meet sometimes are just not for you. So sometimes, just to be polite, yuh just don’t respond to the calls or don’t call back. Yuh really doesn’t want to be too direct cause some women does take it certain way nah.”

What are your thoughts?