BARBERSHOP TALK – Can ‘Trini’ Men Stay Sexually Satisfied With ONE Woman?

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BARBERSHOP TALK – Can ‘Trini’ Men Stay Sexually Satisfied With ONE Woman?

When the topic of relationships between men and women and how the two parties view it, let’s admit it truly causes major contention, most times only highlighting gross generalizations and mistrust towards men because “none of them know how to be with just one woman nah.”

At IzzSo, we again dive into the ‘barbershop’ to see if that these notions are indeed the case, giving men the anonymous freedom to be able to speak for themselves on the topic.

Here are a few ‘Trini’ men, who are currently only having sex with one woman. Most of them have been doing so for a while now and the reasons vary.

Thomas (42) Married – “I reallllll glad I wait until I was 39 to get married. I real fu#k down d place. I dated a lot. I experienced my fair share of women. So, when I met my wife, my queen, my empress, I knew that I was choosing her from a clear headspace. If other fellas reading this, don’t let nobody tell yuh that married sex eh good sex. Marriage doh end the sexy. It’s all about marrying the ‘right’ woman. My wife is freaky. FREAKY. It’s not just about that, though. I trust her too nah. I like her. She really wants to please me and I really want to please her. I used to wonder if marriage would make sex boring but it really hasn’t because we have sex on a totally different level jed, than I had as a single man. I see real sexy women out dey, but my wife is good to me.”


Suresh (49) Divorced – “Listen…I’m too old for all dat bullsh*t. The more women you sleep with, the more headaches yuh does have to deal with. I have a lil woman friend since my divorce plenty years now and dat just good for me and I wish I had signed up for this a long time ago. My marriage was a headache. My divorce was worst. I’m not sure I’ll ever get married again but I like having one person to chill with and have sex with, yuh understand. We’ve been like this for almost five years now and things just nice.


Damian (34) Single – “Let meh be honest with you one time…I was out dey playing meh self. But anyone who thinks that sleeping with lots of different people is safe is crazy. I can name at least ten of my boys who have herpes and they didn’t get it in college. It happened when they were in their 20s. The variety that comes from being with different women does long nice eh but the older you get, it’s even better to find someone who satisfies you sexually and just be with them. The ting is…Yuh know what you’re dealing with and there are no surprises. One woman is my vibes these days.”


Joshua (31) Engaged – “I doh really like telling people this but i’m a virgin. I was raised to wait until marriage, the usual thing. I’m glad that I did. I know I’m not married yet, but I can already tell you that I’m glad I waited for my future wife because there’s no setta emotional baggage, no sexual comparison, no past woman, no other images of other women in my mind. It’s just me and her. I can’t totally predict what the future will go but I can say that I excited about seeing breasts and hips and what’s in between for the first time with a woman who is committed to me and I am committed to her. I believe it makes me see sex differently than a lot of people I know. I don’t think monogamy will be a problem because we waited. If we can wait, we can stay faithful. We both believe that”

How men think about exclusive sexual dynamics isn’t taboo as some would prefer to assume but there’s always a reason for human behaviour. What are your thoughts? Comment below.