Barataria Businessman Shoots Two Intruders, Police Hold a Third

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Barataria Businessman Shoots Two Intruders, Police Hold a Third

One suspect was arrested, while two others succumbed to gunshot injuries sustained during a shooting incident which occurred in the Barataria district, early this morning.

Reports indicate that around 4 am on Tuesday 19th July, 2022, a business owner who operates from his home in Barataria, was awoken by the sound of loud banging noises on his front door.

Upon checking, he observed six persons, one armed with an object resembling a firearm, entering through a wooden door on the western side of the building. Fearing for his life and that of his elderly father, the businessman drew his licensed firearm and discharged several rounds in the direction of the intruders.


Two of the intruders were hit, while the others fled the premises.

The two injured men later succumbed to their injuries.

Officers of the Barataria Criminal Investigations Department (CID) and the Inter-Agency Task Force, whilst on patrol in the district responded to the report.

Officers of the Barataria Police Station who were also on patrol, responded and apprehended a third suspect from the Santa Cruz district, who is assisting in enquiries.

A vehicle suspected to be used in the incident was also seized by the police.

Investigations are ongoing.