Bar operators ready to resume as 100% vaccinated

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Bar operators ready to resume as 100% vaccinated

The Barkeepers & Operators Association of Trinidad and Tobago (BOATT) is ready to get back to business, after it recently collaborated with the Ministry of Health to have a day of vaccination for all involved in their industry.

In a statement, BOATT said, “We can proudly say that 100% of our membership is vaccinated, and the total vaccinated within the bar industry presently stands at approximately 70% with vaccinations continuing daily.”

“The BOATT is urging the population to have confidence in the vaccine regime and would like to implore on all businesses in all sectors to encourage the vaccination process,” BOATT added.

According to the Association, the Vaccinate to Operate initiative is moving the country one step closer to normalcy.

“It has been a harsh and challenging 16 months, but we are finally seeing the proverbial light at the end of the tunnel,” the BOATT release said. “Now is not the time to be nit-picking about the past or present situations, but it’s a time to encourage, show and promote your willingness and readiness to serve and operate in the ‘New Normal’.”

“Vaccination coupled with full adherence and enforcement of the 3 W’s (Wear a mask, Wash your hands, Watch your distance) is the only way the citizens who are currently jobless can regain their dignity, calm their mental stability, and once again feel part of society and contribute to the economic growth of Trinidad and Tobago and where businesses can once again flourish.”

BOATT says it will continue working and collaborating with Government and the wider business community to ensure the successful return to “normal business activity in swiftest possible time”, including “by offering our services to aid in procuring vaccines for themselves and employees”.