Bandits rob Barataria daycare

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Bandits rob Barataria daycare

Two men boldly robbed a daycare in the Barataria area on Tuesday.

Reports state that at around 9 am, the two suspects entered the daycare located off Boundary Road, and pulled a gun on the 42-year-old woman who runs the establishment out of her home.

They relieved the woman of her cash and valuables, including an estimated $5,000 in jewellery.

There were seven children in the building, all under the age of three and it was stated that the men threatened to kill the woman in front of them if she did not hand over any additional valuable items.

After further threats, the suspects fled the scene.

No one was seriously harmed in the incident.

The police were notified and officers from the Barataria police station responded.

The search is now on for the suspects.