Bandit robs woman of bills, but not the $100 kind


Bandit robs woman of bills, but not the $100 kind

A bandit may be feeling very foolish today after trying to rob a middle-aged woman of what he thought was her money. Instead, tucked inside the envelope, were a bunch of the woman’s bills that she was on her way to pay.

Around 9:00a.m on Thursday, the woman exited her car and was walking toward Republic Bank in Trincity when a bandit approached her, grabbed the envelope and then escaped in a waiting car. A security guard observed the altercation and came to the woman’s rescue.

Officers arrived on the scene and interviewed the woman who confirmed that the bills in the envelope were not the existing $100 notes, but bills and other insignificant pieces of paper.

Police are on the lookout for the man who accosted the woman.