Bandit held following mini-mart robbery in Piarco

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Bandit held following mini-mart robbery in Piarco

One suspected bandit was arrested in Piarco on Friday and police seized a gun and recovered a stolen vehicle minutes after a robbery at a mini-mart in Oropune Gardens.

According to a police report, around 8 am, the owner of a mini-mart, was accosted by three men, one of whom was armed with a gun and another with a cutlass.

The suspects robbed the owner of $400 in cash and an iPhone valued at $8,000, before taking him into the adjoining house, where he was tied up.

The suspects then tied up another man who was in the house and took $30,000 from him.

Within 15 minutes, PC Wynn and PC Ward responded to a report of a robbery in progress and intercepted a car parked in front of the mini-mart.

One suspect, a man from Diego Martin, was arrested while the others escaped.

The officers found a silver and black Smith and Wesson pistol, fitted with a magazine loaded with 12 rounds of nine-millimetre ammunition, left behind by the bandits.

Police later discovered that both the gun and car were stolen during a home invasion in Arima on May 28.