Bandit captured by police following robbery in Arouca

Bandit captured by police following robbery in Arouca

Police have arrested one man after he attempted to rob a business in Arouca.

Around midday on Monday, the suspect entered the Arouca shop under the pretense of being a customer.

He then whipped out a firearm and announced a robbery.

While relieving the employees of their items, the gunman assaulted one worker by striking him with the gun, wounding him over his right eye.

The suspect managed to secure three cell phones, two ‘I pads’, one bag, and a quantity of cash before attempting to make his escape
through the front door by smashing it.

He was detained a short while later along Hindustan Trace, Arouca, following a chase with Inspector Carr, who happened to be outside the establishment and acted after hearing the commotion.

Officers of the Northern Division Task Force arrived on the scene and conveyed the suspect to the Arouca Police Station.

A report was made and the suspect was detained for questioning.

While interviewing the suspect, it was discovered that he attempted to hide the firearm used in the robbery, a Smith and Wesson
Springfield 380 containing a magazine with four rounds of .380 ammunition, between the left rear passenger seat and the inner left rear fender upholstery of the Police Vehicle.

Enquiries are continuing.