Bahamian Man Fined For Filming Naked Woman ‘To See How She Behaves When Drunk’

Bahamian Man Fined For Filming Naked Woman ‘To See How She Behaves When Drunk’

A Bahamian man, Dennis Watson, 23, who recorded a naked woman in a tub without her permission was fined $500US.

Waston pleaded guilty to voyeurism in reference to the recording when he appeared before Magistrate Kara Turnquest-Deveaux on May 3rd.

The reverberations for his actions were devastating to the victim as Alexia Forbes (ex-girlfriend and mother of his one year old child), posted the naked video onto Watson’s WhatsApp status.

Forbes also pleaded guilty to voyeurism and an additional charge of intentional libel. She was fined $1,500 for her actions. And to avoid a six-month sentence, they both have until June 12th to pay the fines.

The naked victim told authorities that Forbes sent her voice messages threatening to release a nude video of her, according to the prosecutor, Sergeant Kenny Thompson.

The woman said the video was later posted on Watson’s WhatsApp status. Someone screen-recorded the video and sent it to her, Thompson told the court.

In an interview with police, Forbes admitted that she stole the video while searching Watson’s phone and posted it on his WhatsApp status, Thompson said.

Watson admitted that he recorded the woman, so she could see how she behaved while drunk. Even though the Defence Attorney V. Alfred Gray said that both defendants were sorry and remorseful.

According to the Defence Atttorney, the victim got extremely drunk at a party and started to vomit over herself. Gray said Watson and others removed the woman’s soiled clothing and put her in the tub. Claiming that Watson only wanted the woman to see how she acted while drunk.

Regarding Forbes, Gray said she acted out of jealousy as Waston’s ex-girlfriend, as he was still conducting relations with both women.

Gray suggested that the court give a conditional discharge.