Bad rains not hampering Independence Day celebrations

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Bad rains not hampering Independence Day celebrations

Diego Martin Central MP Symon De Norbriga is urging persons badly affected by yesterday’s inclement weather to take action ahead of further predicted rains today and tomorrow.

Mr DeNorbriga told News Power Now that authorities have already begun cleaning and are engaged in remedial activities aimed at providing relief.

However he called on citizens to also be proactive in ensuring their own safety.

Minister De Norbriga also revealed that the bad weather predicted for the next few days has not scuppered any plans for tomorrow’s Independence Day celebrations.

Heavy rains yesterday saw parts of the Queens Park Savannah and Port of Spain and environs under water.

However the Communications Minister said that the parade will still go ahead as planned given current weather trends.

He added that in the event of bad weather tomorrow morning, a decision will be made at that time regarding the ceremony.