Baby Sofia rescued in Curepe

Baby Sofia rescued in Curepe

Nine-month-old baby Sofia Rivas has been found.

Reports indicate that around 11:00 p.m on Tuesday, officers visited an apartment located along Mc Inroy Street in Curepe and found the baby girl.

Police say she was still cradled in the hands of her abductor.

Sofia appeared to be in good health but she was taken to the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex to undergo a medical check.

The 19-year-old female suspect from Esperanza Village in California was arrested and is currently assisting police with investigations.

Earlier on Tuesday, Sofia was kidnapped by a woman who told her mother that she would take her to a store to purchase juice for her.

When she did not return with the baby three hours after, a report was made to the police who launched an investigation into the matter.

Police say a $20,000 ransom was demanded for the child’s release, but it was not paid.

Officers also believe that the child may have been a victim of human trafficking, as the kidnappers intended to sell her if she was not rescued.

Sofia is the daughter of 18-year-old mother Valentina Hernandez and a 21-year old father.