Babies raped, sex offenders not registered


Babies raped, sex offenders not registered

While making his contribution to the Sexual Offences (Amendment) Bill, 2019 yesterday, Attorney General Faris Al Rawi said there are cases of babies being raped in the country.

According to statistics from a publication by the Children’s Authority, children between the ages of 0-11 months account for 0.4 per cent of the total number of cases registered. The other statistics are as follows:

  • 1-3 years – 5.4 per cent
  • 4-6 years – 11 per cent
  • 7-9 years – 12.6 per cent
  • 10-13 years – 24.3 per cent
  • 14-15 years – 25 per cent

The information was sourced from a publication dated May 18-October 31, 2015.

Al-Rawi said that in some instances, victims have to wait over ten years before their cases are called, adding that there are hundreds of known rapists who are out on the streets and have not registered on a sexual offenders registry.