Avianca Airlines Prepares to Lay Off Employees Soon


Avianca Airlines Prepares to Lay Off Employees Soon

This was indicated by the airline’s finance director, the Chilean Adrián Neuhauser: Some 6,000 Avianca employees would be out of work.

This, due to a massive cut that the company would make due to the current crisis. Neuhauser assured that they had problems before the pandemic.So a staff cut would be the most viable for the moment they go through.

In an interview with Chile’s La Tercera newspaper, Neuhauser explained the short-term plans. According to the manager, it is planned a 30% cut in the airline’s staffing plant.

“Before the Covid we were just over 20 thousand employees and we were not an efficient company. We believe that the post-Covid airline will be operationally 30% smaller, which would imply a plant of around 14 thousand people in the long term,” he said .

He also recalled that currently about half of his employees have suspended contracts and the company is still waiting for the reopening of flights in more countries.

This, in order to reactivate its activity and recover the economy.