Audit ordered for all clinical appointments at EWMSC

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Audit ordered for all clinical appointments at EWMSC

Health Minister Terrence Deyalsingh has revealed that an audit has been ordered for all clinical appointments scheduled at the Eric Williams Medical Science Complex in Mt Hope.

He made the announcement in the Upper House on Tuesday following a question by Opposition Senator David Nakhid.

Nakhid asked, “In light of recent reports of the repeated postponements of medical appointments at the Eric Williams Medical Sciences Complex, can the Minister indicate what specific steps are being taken to address this situation?”

In response, Deyalsingh said: “We ordered an immediate audit of all outpatients clinical appointments both medicine and surgical to determine the magnitude of the problem and the number of patients affected. We are strengthening our telemedicine initiative to assess and triage patients determining their need and urgency for care.”

Deyalsingh added “We have instituted already a pharmacy pickup collection service to be established for stable patients requiring refilling of prescriptions. We are reviewing the appointment system and we have done an operation review of the clinic management process with a view of improving efficiency throughput and patient comfort while maintaining all Covid protocols guidelines and public health measures to ensure safety and to mitigate risks to both patients and staff.”