Attorneys rubbish AG’s claims of missing file

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Attorneys rubbish AG’s claims of missing file

Anand Ramlogan, SC, Renuka Rambhajan and Ganesh Saroop, of Freedom Law Chambers, the attorneys for the nine men formerly accused of the kidnapping and murder of businesswoman Vindra Naipaul-Coolman, have scoffed at the attorney general’s explanation that a missing case file led to the State’s failure to file a defence, thus allowing the nine men to be awarded $20 million in their malicious prosecution case.

In a press release issued after AG Reginald Armour’s press conference on Wednesday, Ramlogan, Rambhajan and Saroop, described the claim as ridiculous and amusing.

They said: “We can say, without fear of contradiction by anyone, that the facts will easily demonstrate that the Ministry of the Attorney General was kept fully abreast of this case at every step of the litigation.”

“Indeed, the Court itself issued notifications to the State as the matter progressed and we fully complied with our duty to serve the relevant documents on the State throughout the course of the matter,” they added.

The trio also questioned how two attorneys from the AG’s Office could have participated in the assessment of damages in the case, on which High Court Master Martha Alexander ruled on Monday, without the case file.

“Armour’s insinuation that his own legal team conducted an entire trial to assess the damages in this matter before the High Court without a file is startling, stupendous and crazy,” they said.

“Were this to occur, it would be a serious breach of the Code of Ethics. It is a disingenuous attempt to throw his own lawyers under the bus.”

They also rejected any veiled suggestion that they were involved in a plot to make the file disappear to ensure their success in the case.

They added via that the release: “Having returned from the Bahamas, it is clear Mr Armour was haunted by images of Mr Ramlogan, SC, dressed in a black coverall with a hoodie pulled over his head and a dark shades sneaking past his security to break into his office in the dead of night to steal this file so he could win this case,” they said.