ASP given permission to sue Police Service Commission after being disqualified for promotion

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ASP given permission to sue Police Service Commission after being disqualified for promotion

President of the Police Service Social and Welfare Association, acting ASP Gideon Dickson, has been granted leave to pursue his lawsuit against the Police Service Commission after he was disqualified for appointment or promotion to the office of deputy commissioner of police (DCP).

Dickson was granted permission from Justice Nadia Kangaloo on Tuesday.

His lawsuit comes after he was told by the PSC in June that he did not have the requisite qualifications in the form of “any other relevant Master’s degree.”

However, Dickson has a Master’s in Business Administration, a BSc in Criminal Justice (with a major in police science), and an associate degree in Criminal Justice.

In his court filings, his lawyer Jared Jagroo, of Freedom Law Chambers, pointed out that between 2015 and 2022, the commission made appointments to officers with diverse post-graduate qualifications including in culinary management. 

He claimed that in January 2022, the commission agreed that MBAs would be considered and promised to publish a comprehensive list of the degrees that would be recognised. 

The list, published three months later, included MBAs and specifically referenced the institution Dickson attended.  

Jagroo claimed that Dickson relied on the list when he was making his decision to further his education. 

“The principle of fairness and natural justice would have required that the claimant be notified that it intended to resile from this policy and give him an opportunity to be heard in light of the detrimental consequences and impact it would have on his career advancement,” Jagroo said.

He said the action taken by the commission was unfair and arbitrary and breached Dickson’s legitimate expectation. 

Dickson is seeking a series of declarations against the commission and an order compelling it to consider him next time it is recruiting an officer for the post.