Artist Makes More Than $18,000 Selling Invisible Sculpture


Artist Makes More Than $18,000 Selling Invisible Sculpture

First, people started dropping serious coin on digital art in NFT’s, and now it’s invisible art. Yes, you read that right,  ‘invisible’.

Italian artist Salvatore Garau recently sold an invisible sculpture for a whopping $18,000 at auction. The work, titled “I Am,” or “Io Sono” in Italian, exists only in the artist’s mind.


The person who paid $18,000 for the work of art gets a stamped certificate as proof of purchase.

According to, the artist laid down specific conditions under which the immaterial sculpture can be displayed. It must be placed in a private home and has to be in a space that measures five feet by five feet without obstructions. Lighting and climate control are non-factors.

Shockingly, “Io Sono” is not Garau’s only invisible work of art. He’s previously created “Buddha In Contemplation” and “Aphrodite Piange.” However, it’s reported that this is the first invisible piece the artist has sold.