Artificial digital children may replace real children

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Artificial digital children may replace real children

An artificial intelligence expert claims digital children will replace real children to ease the population crisis.

AI expert Catriona Campbell explained in her new book “AI by Design: A Plan For Living With Artificial Intelligence” about the possibility of digital babies becoming more acceptable in society due to concerns of overpopulation.

According to TOO FAB, Campbell called this theory the “Tamagotchi Generation” and says by the next 50 years, technology will become advanced to the point where babies will exist in the metaverse. “As the metaverse evolves, I can see virtual children becoming an accepted and fully embraced part of society in much of the developed world,” she explained.

Campbell added that haptic technology, gloves, and suits that provide tactile feedback will allow parents to experience physical touch i.e. hugging their virtual children. Additionally, the virtual children will have facial expressions that are similar to human children.