Around the World Unites in Tribute to George Floyd

Around the World Unites in Tribute to George Floyd

Thousands of people marched calmly through the streets on May 30th in Toronto to denounce police violence and racism, in the United States and in Canada. The demonstration was organized following the death of a young black woman Wednesday in Toronto, fallen from a balcony on the 24th floor during a police intervention in circumstances still unclear.

“I came to show solidarity and provide support for all the lives of black people who were taken, stolen“Said Malaika Hennie, 24, a Canadian. Another protester adds: “It is important, despite the pandemic, to show that we are fighting for justice for all, for black people and all people of color. Even though the problem is bigger in the United States, it is happening on our doorstep here in Toronto and in Canada. We must unite across the world. “

Thousands around the world join US #BlackLivesMatter protests

Canadian protesters, many wearing masks because of the coronavirus, held up signs “Not another black life”, “Black lives matter” or “I can’t breathe” in reference to the last words spoken by George Floyd while ‘He was tackled to the ground by a policeman.

Thousands of miles away in London, a crowd has also gathered to pay tribute to the 46-year-old African American who died on May 25 at the hands of the Minneapolis police.

“No justice, no peace! Chanted the crowd, who gathered around 1 p.m. in Trafalgar Square, in the heart of the British capital.

Some displayed cardboard panels that read “Black lives matter“(“The lives of black people matter“) or “Our skin color is not a crime“

The demonstrators then knelt for ten minutes, a gesture that has become a symbol of the fight against discrimination in the United States, where similar rallies take place every day, before starting a march towards the American embassy, ​​despite the social distancing measures still in force against the new coronavirus.

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A few hours later, during a Bundesliga match at the stadium in Mönchengladbach (Germany), three football players, including Marcus Thuram, son of Lilian Thuram, also paid tribute to George Floyd.

In Dortmund, star striker Jadon Sancho, 20, a hat-trick against Paderborn (6-1), who unveiled a t-shirt with the inscription “Justice for George” after his first goal.

As America prepares to enter a new night of violence, the American president, who has repeatedly denounced the death of George Floyd as “tragic”, felt that the rioters dishonored his memory by their “violence” and their “vandalism” “When looting begins, the shooting begins“, Trump reacted in a message since censored by Twitter.