Archie breaks his silence; accuses DPP of negligence

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Archie breaks his silence; accuses DPP of negligence

Chief Justice Ivor Archie has accused Director of Public Prosecutions Roger Gaspard, SC, of negligence in the discharge of aspects of his function.

In a six-page statement posted on the Judiciary’s Facebook page and website on Friday, Archie broke his silence on the simmering issue, saying he felt compelled to address what he called the misconceptions that are being peddled in the public domain about the role of the DPP’s office in relation to the criminal justice system.

In his statement, Archie accused Gaspard of failing to suggest names and appraisals for prosecutors to be promoted and of failing to indicate the need to fill vacancies in his department.


The CJ claimed the DPP’s perceived inaction has also resulted in his failure to file indictments in a timely manner.

He said in the five years that the Children’s Court has been in operation, not a single indictment has been filed by the DPP in that court.

Archie also dismissed Gaspard’s view that at least 150 attorneys were required to supervise the criminal courts.

He said the suggestion simply was not viable.

“I cannot say that I am at all convinced and so I must express concern at the insistence by the DPP on the level of staffing before moving agreeing to move forward to accept any change that may give relief to the criminal justice system,” he said.