Archbishop Gordon: Let’s cut back on all the extras – social media and TV

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Archbishop Gordon: Let’s cut back on all the extras – social media and TV

Spend less time on social media and food and concentrate on the significance of the Holy Week.

That was the Palm Sunday message from Roman Catholic Archbishop Charles Jason Gordon, who delivered a sermon yesterday at the Pro-Cathedral of Our Lady of Perpetual Help in San Fernando.

The Archbishop, speaking to his parishioners both online and in-person, said the COVID-19 pandemic was a form of crucifixion.

He said “This year we’re allowed more and that is a joy in itself but the pandemic is still a crucifixion and still, women are being killed in our society and that is the Christ being crucified one more time…”

He said “The Christ and the crucified Christ is amongst us brothers and sisters, let us open our eyes and see him. Not just in the text and the events of the week but also in our homes, in our families, in our communities, in our nation. Let us open our eyes and see and let us be like Veronica or Simon to make sure that the weight of the cross is eased.”

Archbishop Gordon told Christians “This is the most holy of all weeks and I will ask of you that you keep it holy. Let’s cut back on social media, let’s cut back on television and the tubes. Let’s cut back on all the extras. Let’s cut back on the food. Let’s cut back on all these things and leave the time, the space in your life and in your heart to contemplate the sacred mystery that we will live through this week.”

In keeping with restrictions, there was no Palm Sunday procession this year. Instead the palms were sanitized before being blessed at the start of mass and then distributed by the altar servers to parishioners who stood in the pews.