Archbishop Burns Altar After Priest Has Sex in Church

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Archbishop Burns Altar After Priest Has Sex in Church

After being caught having sex with three porn actresses, Father Travis Clark, 37, had the altar completely burned, where he had sex, in a church in New Orleans, Louisiana. The information is from IG.

According to the newspaper Correio da Manhã and court documents submitted by the police, the event happened on September 30th, when a passerby passing by the street found the lights on inside the church strange and, therefore, decided to check what happened.

Church Altar Removed and BURNED After Priest And Dominatrices Had Sex On It! – News Views

When looking through glass windows, he came across shocking scenes of the Archbishop with women.

The man decided to record a video with his cell phone. In the images, the priest appears naked with the two women we identified as, Melissa Cheng, 23, and Mindy Dixon, 41. They were also charged on the same charge as Clark.

Both women wore high heels and corsets, with Clark wielding sex toys. Stage lights were installed, as well as a cell phone and a camera, both mounted on tripods. All three were having sex together.

The man decided to call the police and the three were arrested on charges of obscene acts in a public and visible place.