AR-15 seized, 55 arrested, 223 ticketed in ‘Operation Real Steel’

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AR-15 seized, 55 arrested, 223 ticketed in ‘Operation Real Steel’

The seizure of an AR-15, a revolver, a number of ammunition and narcotics, arrest of 55 suspects and ticketing of 223 errant drivers for various traffic infractions occurred overnight during Operation Real Steel, the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service (TTPS) reports.

The operation, which is a part of the TTPS’ thrust to tackle and dismantle criminal networks within the country by the Commissioner of Police, Erla Harewood-Christopher, was executed in all 10 Policing Divisions.

Detectives are currently working to lay charges in connection with the arrests made into cases of possession of illegal firearms and ammunition, drug trafficking and home invasions as the TTPS “pushes back against criminality.’

According to police reports, in the Western Division, police officers attached to the Gang and Intelligence Unit, Special Investigations Unit, Coastal and Air Support Unit and the Criminal Investigations Department, proceeded to a bushy area off the Morne Coco Road, Diego Martin, where they found and seized one AR-15 assault rifle fitted with one empty magazine.

They also arrested a suspected gang member who had TT$56,521 in his possession.

During the same exercise, four people were arrested, one for Failing an Administered Field Sobriety Test which read 81mg/100ml, Driving with No Driver’s Permit and Driving with No Certificate of Insurance, Aiding and Abetting the said offence and one Breach of Protection Order, respectively.

In the Central Division, officers attached to the Task Force Area North seized a Smith and Wesson .22 Revolver together with 17 rounds of .22 ammunition which was found along Union Village, Felicity. They also arrested four suspects for Possession of Marijuana, Possession of Marijuana for the Purpose of Trafficking and Possession of Cocaine for the Purpose of Trafficking.

In the Eastern Division, a 22-year-old man was arrested for the illegal possession of two 12-guage cartridges.

In the capital city, nine people were arrested, six drivers for Driving Under the Influence, one for Disorderly Behaviour, Possession of Camouflage and Failing to Give Breath Sample, respectively.
Over in Tobago, a Les Coteaux man was arrested for possession of 112 grammes of marijuana.

Meanwhile, police arrested 25 suspects in the Southern Division for various offences and enquiries.
Seven suspects were also arrested in the Northern Division for various offences such as two for the Possession of Camouflage, Wounding and Robbery and Traffic Offences, respectively, and one for Possession of 715 Grammes of Marijuana.
One man was also arrested for Possession of an Apparatus in the North-Central Division.
The TTPS also issued 223 fixed penalty tickets to errant drivers throughout the policing divisions for various infractions.
CoP Harewood-Christopher, who, in commending the various Divisions and Specialised Units of the TTPS for their efforts thus far, stressed that reducing the fear of crime and the level of criminality would come through sustained crime suppression efforts such as Operation Real Steel.
While stating the TTPS continues to enhance public trust and confidence and increase safety through intense crime prevention strategies and increased police presence, the Commissioner said these measures will ultimately lead to the decrease in crime and the fear of crime.