April 9 Candlelight Movement march to Red House postponed

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April 9 Candlelight Movement march to Red House postponed

The April 9th Candlelight Movement March from Arima to Parliament has been postponed.

In a release, PRO for the Candlelight Movement, Kandace Bharath, said that “In response to the advisory against marches issued by the Commissioner of Police — himself being guided by the medical authorities and the changing COVID-19 situation — The Candlelight Movement wishes to advise of our continued commitment to the upholding and adhering to the law and any covid-19 Regulations and protocols which may be in force from time to time. As such, The Candlelight Movement has decided to postpone our walk from Arima to Parliament, previously scheduled for 9th April, for one month.”

The social activism group says it will assess the situation in the country at the end of that period, as well as indicate the new date on which it will present to Parliament signed petitions calling for an end to gender-based violence in T&T. That announcement is scheduled to occur on May 9th.

The movement also advised: “We also take this opportunity to extend the deadline for the return of signed petition sheets for the one-month period and embrace the opportunity to increase our target from 100,000 to 250,000 signatures to facilitate the overwhelming response from persons still wishing to sign the petition.”

The group says during the extension period, it will be ramping up the distribution of petition packages throughout the country in response to the increasing demand for petitions. It also plans to host ‘pop up’ signings nationwide before the new deadline.

It added: “We wish to take this opportunity to express our gratitude to those who have signed, who are making the petition available to be signed throughout the country, and the general outpouring of support and commitment from our fellow citizens to the cause, to make our country safer.”