Apple to switch to Android chargers?

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Apple to switch to Android chargers?

Apple may soon be forced to ditch its “Lightning” port connector on its phones and replace it with the popular USB-C charging port.

A new rule proposed by the European Commission will force manufacturers to create a universal charging solution for phones and small electronic devices.

The aim of the rule according to the EC is to reduce waste by encouraging consumers to re-use existing chargers when buying a new device.

The proposal suggested that all smartphones sold in the EU have USB-C chargers which is common on all high end phones sold by most other phone manufacturers including Samsung and Huawei.

Most Android phones come with USB micro-B charging ports, or have already moved to the more modern USB-C standard.

Apple however has hit out at the proposal warning that the rule, if implemented, would harm innovation.

While new models of the iPad and MacBook use USB-C charging ports, Apple iPhones still use the Lightning connector which has become notorious for its failure to work with generic “Lightning” data cables.

This means, customers are often left with little choice but to purchase original cables made by Apple or its suppliers.