Antigua Carnival 2019

Antigua Jouvert kicked off in full splendor this morning as revellers took to the streets . Antigua Carnival celebrations run from July 25th to August 6th 2019. Recognized worldwide for its display of arts, culture, music, and revelry, Antigua Carnival now in its 63rd year is truly unique.

This 10-day Caribbean festival which celebrates the island’s emancipation from slavery in 1834, fuses together creative talents and skills that burst into a kaleidoscope of color and entertainment, leaving no room for dull moments. The Antigua Carnival schedule includes days and nights of elegant pageantry to the rhythmic sound of the steel pan or iron band with visitors and residents alike trapped in a party frenzy, fulfilling their cultural cravings by the end of the festivities.

Monday, August 5th: J’ouvert, Carnival Monday – Judging of the Troupes and Groups

Tuesday, August 6th: Carnival Tuesday – Parade of the Troupes and Groups