Antigua and Barbuda launches mobile App to boost Tourism


Antigua and Barbuda launches mobile App to boost Tourism

Antigua and Barbuda has partnered with Geotourista multi-award-winning mobile GPS travel technology, to create navigational application content for Antigua and Barbuda that offers visitors the chance to explore the destination independently, while being guided by Antiguan story-tellers, all from their mobile phone.

CEO of the Antigua and Barbuda Tourism Authority Colin C. James says, “As the needs of travelers evolve, Antigua and Barbuda will continue to enhance our product, and we are proud to be the first country within the Caribbean to launch this free mobile GPS triggered, audio tour. In addition to already offering visitors the opportunity to be guided throughout the country by accredited tourist guides, this new mobile app now meets the needs of those cultural explorers who have the desire to immerse themselves in the local culture and seek out their own experiences, while still benefitting from a personal tour guide.”

The GeoTourist app, is available on iPhone, iPads, Android phones and tablets. It is free to download, and when opened on Antigua and Barbuda, highlights a variety of remarkable historical sites in Antigua’s historic Capital city, St. John’s, as well as within the UNESCO World Heritage site of Nelson’s Dockyard.


Visitors on one-day visits and those on longer stays can easily follow the clearly laid out map and find themselves back in time as the narrators – well-known Antigua and Barbuda media personalities Jamilla Kirwan and Peter Gordon enthusiastically relay historical facts on fascinating structures, monuments and cultural icons.