Another home invasion in Debe; gas station proprietor robbed

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Another home invasion in Debe; gas station proprietor robbed

The hunt is for three bandits who robbed the owner of a gas station in Debe this morning.

Seventy-seven-year-old Molly Deokinanan, the proprietor of the Checkers Service Station, situated at Debe Trace, said she was at home asleep, when she was abruptly awakened by a loud sound around 2:45am.

Deokinanan investigated, only to be confronted by the intruders, who were wearing dark-coloured clothing hats, and masks.

One of the robbers swiftly seized Deokinanan’s prized possession—a gold Bera valued at $1,000, along with an iPhone 7 worth $2,000, and the keys to her business establishment.

The suspects then grabbed a black wallet containing $2,100 in cash, two gold rings valued at $5,000, and three watches from her nightstand before making their escape through a window on the northern side of the house.

Deokinanan contacted the police, and a team of officers led by Cpl Dhuram visited.

Officers lifted several fingerprints from the crime scene and obtained crucial footage from the property’s CCTV system.

Investigators said arrests are imminent.